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Wind, Gary.

Anatomic exposures in vascular surgery [Текст] / Gary G. Wind, R. James Valentine. - 3rd ed. - Philadelphia(Pa) ; Baltimore ; New York : Wolters Kluwer : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013. - XV, 587 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index.


Berguer, Ramon.

Function and surgery of the carotid and vertebral arteries [Текст] / Ramon Berguer ; illustrations by Lorie Gavulic. - Philadelphia [etc.] : Wolters Kluwer : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014. - XIII, 143 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index.


Castelnuovo, Paolo.

Surgical anatomy of the internal carotid artery [Текст] : an atlas for skull base surgeons / Paolo Castelnuovo, Iacopo Dallan, Manfred Tschabitscher. - Heidelberg [etc.] : Springer, 2013. - XV, 162 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index.

This atlas provides all the basic and advanced information required by surgeons in order to understand fully the skull base anatomy. It is organized according to anatomo-surgical pathways to the hidden areas of the skull base. These pathways are described in step-by-step fashion with the aid of a wealth of color images and illustrations. The emphasis is on endoscopic anatomy but in order to provide a holistic perspective, informative three-dimensional reconstructions are presented alongside the endoscopic images and radiologic images are included when appropriate. In effect, windows are opened on the anatomy so that the reader is guided on a journey throughout the skull base region. This anatomically oriented atlas will serve as an ideal learning tool for novice surgeons and will also prove an invaluable reference for the more experienced surgeon.


Wilcox's surgical anatomy of the heart [Текст] / Robert H. Anderson [et al.]. - 4th ed. - New York ; Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013. - 382 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index.

The revised fourth edition of this classic textbook on cardiac anatomy, written from the stance of the cardiac surgeon, features many new images, including computed tomography angiography, and is accompanied by video clips. The provision of multiple high quality surgical and pathological photographs makes it essential reading for cardiac surgeons, and of great value to cardiologists, surgical pathologists, radiologists and anaesthetists. The book will also be a valuable reference resource for any healthcare professional or researcher who needs to understand detailed cardiac anatomy.

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