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Sarpel, Umut.

Surgery [Текст] : an introductory guide / Umut Sarpel. - New York ; Heidelberg ; Dordrecht : Springer, 2014. - 361 p.

Surgery: An Introductory Guide is an all-in-one reference that provides the vital information needed to get the best learning experience out of an operation, and presents it in a convenient, efficient, and portable format. Each section brings together the key points from several different fields including anatomy, pathophysiology, radiology, surgical technique, and clinical guidelines. The operations covered represent the breadth of general surgery including hernia repair, cholecystectomy, breast surgery, general bowel surgery, and vascular surgery. Each chapter provides informative text, bulleted lists, and common OR questions, combined with classic radiology images, diagrams, and a color illustration of the operative anatomy. The volume is also organized by operation rather than by pathological topic, which lends itself to quick review before each case.

Surgery: An Introductory Guide is of great value to medical students and junior residents rotating on general surgery.


Corman's colon and rectal surgery [Текст] / ed. Marvin L. Corman ; associate ed. Roberto C. M. Bergamaschi [et al.]. - 6th ed. - Philadelphia [etc.] : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a Wolters Kluwer business, 2013. - XX, 1564 p. : il. - [Сolon and rectal surgery] . - Includes bibliographical references and index

Established for over 25 years and now in its 6th Edition, Corman's Colon and Rectal Surgery has been thoroughly updated and abundantly illustrated to provide comprehensive coverage of all diseases and conditions affecting the colon, rectum, and anus. Step-by-step instructions on current operative procedures used to treat these disorders are underscored by the authoritative knowledge and expertise of leaders in the field. Three co-editors of international repute have participated in the creation of this updated volume, but the hand of Dr. Corman can be recognized throughout. The biographic sketches have been considerably expanded. This gold standard reference, often referred to as the 'bible' of the specialty, includes thorough reviews of anatomy, physiology, and related medical topics, as well as an extensive section on diagnostic studies, with a focus on the latest imaging modalities.


Phlebology, vein surgery and ultrasonography [Текст] : diagnosis and management of venous disease / ed.: Eric Mowatt-Larssen [et al.]. - Cham [etc.] : Springer, 2014. - XIII, 394 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index

The management of venous pathology has been revolutionized by technological advancements.Venous disease is now managed with a wide variety of techniques that collectively allow physicians to diagnose and treat venous problems in ways that few surgeons would have anticipated even a decade ago. Techniques include laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, chemical ablation (sclerotherapy), high ligation with or without stripping, ambulatory phlebectomy, powered phlebectomy, subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery, threedimensional venography, and intravascular ultrasound. All of these topics are covered in this comprehensive, up-to-date textbook, which guides the practitioner through every aspect of care of the venous patient and includes essential background information on anatomy and pathophysiology. This book is exceptional in that it is based entirely on the curriculum designed for board certification by the American College of Phlebology (ACP). A further unique aspect of the text is the integration of ultrasound and various other imaging modalities, that play a fundamental role in diagnosis and management. The authors come from a wide range of specialties, mirroring the diversity of practitioners who care for patients with venous disease. The book will accordingly serve the needs of vascular and general surgeons, interventional radiologists, phlebologists, nurses, ultrasonographers, allied health professionals, and scientists, as well as American College of Phlebology fellowship candidates and those preparing for board examinations in vascular surgery.


Andersen, Margaret.

Sociology [Текст] : understanding a diverse society / Margaret L. Andersen, Howard F. Taylor. - 4th ed. - United States : Thomson/Wadsworth, 2013. - XXVII, 691 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index.

Working hand in hand with its resources to lead you toward an understanding of sociology, Sociology: Understanding a Diverse Society, Media and Research Update, Fourth Edition, takes you on a sociological journey that introduces you to real people from all walks of life. In every chapter, you'll explore fascinating topics such as Hurricane Katrina, same-sex marriage, and abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, as well as research and data that illustrate how class, race-ethnicity, gender, age, geographic residence, and sexual orientation relate to sociological topics discussed in that chapter.

Respected, complete, and comprehensive, this new Media and Research Update of Margaret Andersen and Howard Taylor's text includes solid research, outstanding scholarship, and the vivid and engaging writing style that sets these two respected and authoritative authors apart from others.

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