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Neave, Nick.

Hormones and behaviour [Текст] : a psychological approach / Nick Neave. - Cambridge [etc.] : Cambridge University Press, 2008. - X, 355 p. : il. - Includes bibliographical references and index. - ISBN 978-0-521-69201-4 (paperbac).

Recent advances in non-invasive sampling techniques have led to an increase in the study of hormones and behaviour. Behaviour is complex but can be explained to a large degree by interactions between various psychological and physiological components, such as the interplay between hormonal and psychological systems. This new textbook from Nick Neave offers a detailed introduction to the fascinating science of behavioural endocrinology from a psychological perspective, examining the relationships between hormones and behaviour in both humans and animals. Neave explains the endocrine system and the ways in which hormones can influence brain structure and function, and presents a series of examples to demonstrate how hormones can influence specific behaviours, including sexual determination and differentiation, neurological differentiation, parental behaviours, aggressive behaviours and cognition. This is an accessible introductory textbook which will appeal to second and third year social science undergraduate students in psychology and biomedicine.


Case history of therapeutic patient [Текст] : manual / V. N. Oslopov [et al.]. - Moscow : GEOTAR-Media, 2015. - 169 p. : il. - References: p. 155-158. - Пер. изд.: История болезни терапевтического больного : учеб. пособие на англ. яз. / В. Н. Ослопов [и др.]. - ISBN 978-5-9704-3383-6

The manual provides a detailed plan of the case history with a sample of the case report of a patient with the pathology of the internal organs. The comments given for the proper understanding of the material highlight a number of issues which are difficult for the students starting their work at a hospital (state of consciousness, the definition of the general condition of the patient, etc.). Decoding and brief explanation of the abbreviations of laboratory blood and urine indices, determined by the means of modern analyzers, test questions with explanation of correct answers are given. The manual is intended for the 2nd and 3rd year students of the General Medicine faculty, but also is useful for senior students of medical universities.


Adaskevich, Uladzimir P.

Skin diseases and sexually transmitted infections [Текст] : [handbook] / Uladzimir P. Adaskevich ; М-во здравоохранения Респ. Беларусь, УО "Витеб. гос. ордена Дружбы народов мед. ун-т" = Кожные болезни и инфекции, передаваемые половым путем : пособие для студ. учреждений высш. образования, обучающихся по специальности 1-79 01 01 "Лечебное дело" : рекомендовано УМО по высш. мед., фармацевт. образованию Респ. Беларусь / Адаскевич В. П. - Витебск : ВГМУ, 2016.

This handbook is compiled for medical students engaged in learning about skin and venereal diseases and their management. It covers both common and rare but important conditions which are incorporated into the basic program on teaching dermatology and venereology at medical faculties for various medical specialties. The handbook also contains chapters about skin diseases and STDs which are common for Asia, Africa and Latin America and it can be helpful for medical students coming from these regions. We hope that it will also be of value for clinical interns and post graduate research students since the text is sufficiently detailed to be of use for those embarking on a career in dermatology and venereology. In this, second edition of Skin Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections the text has been updated with particular regard to advances in treatment and provided with numerous tables of salient points for ready reference. We also hope that exposure to the handbook will prompt a deeper interest in this important medical specialty.


Harper's illustrated biochemistry [Текст] / Victor W. Rodwell [et al.]. - 30th ed., international ed. - New York [etc.] : McGraw-Hill Education, 2015. - XII, 817 p. : il. - (a Lange medical book, ISSN 1043-9811). - Вариант загл. : Illustrated biochemistry. - Вариант загл. : Biochemistry. - Includes bibliographical references and index. - ISBN 978-0-07-182534-4. - ISBN 978-1-25-925286-0

Gain a thorough understanding of the principles of biochemistry as they relate to the study of clinical medicine

The Thirtieth Edition of Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry combines outstanding full-color illustrations with authoritative integrated coverage of biochemical disease and clinical information. Using brevity and numerous medically relevant examples, Harper's presents a clear, succinct review of the fundamentals of biochemistry that every student must understand in order to succeed in medical school.

All fifty-eight chapters emphasize the medical relevance of biochemistry

- Full-color presentation includes more than 600 illustrations
- Each chapter includes a section on Biomedical Importance and a summary of the topics covered
- Review questions follow each of the eleven sections
- Case studies in every chapter emphasize the clinical relevance to biochemistry
- NEW coverage of toxic naturally-occurring amino acids; extraterrestrial biomolecules; computer- aided drug design; the role of complement cascade in bacterial and viral infection; secreted mediators of cell-cell signaling between leukocytes; the role of mast cells, basophils, and eosinophils; and the hazard of antioxidants that down-regulate radical signaling for apoptosis and increase risk of cancer

Applauded by medical students for its current and engaging style, Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry is an essential for USMLE review and the single best reference for learning the clinical relevance of any biochemistry topic.

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