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Garrett, Reginald H.

Biochemistry [Текст] / Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham. - , 3rd ed. - Belmont : Thomson Brooks/Cole, copyright 2005. - xlii, 1086, A-40, I-41 p. : il. - Index: p. I-1- I-41


Bain, Catrina.

Gynaecology illustrated [Текст] / Catrina Bain, Kevin Burton, C Jay McGavigan ; illustrations by Robin Callander, Ian Ramsden. - 6th ed. - Edinburgh [etc.] : Churchil Livingstone : Elsevier, 2011. - 414 p. : il. - Subject index: p. 395-414

Now in its sixth edition, Gynaecology Illustrated follows the highly effective Illustrated series format of covering one topic per page through concise text and explanatory illustrations. Previously under the authorship of Hart and Norman, the new author team has comprehensively revised this latest edition of a very popular student medical text.

Entirely revised and updated, with revision focus on:
- Minimally invasive surgery
- Hormone-replacement therapy
- Imaging techniques and equipment
- Risk-management
- NICE guidelines
- Menorrhagia

Key features:
- Visual treatment of complex issues
- Ideal for PBL learning
- Excellent resource for problem-solving exercises
- Ideal for OSCE and exam preparation
- Content completely reworked to focus on the student and trainee's needs


Paniker, Jayaram.

Textbook of medical parasitology [Текст] / Jayaram Paniker. - 6th ed. - New Delhi : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) LTD, 2007. - 235 p. : il. - Index: 233-235

This book presents a readable account of the essential information on parasites and parasitic diseases of man. Special emphasis has been laid on pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis and control. Every effort has been made to incorporate recent advances in the subject.

This book will be of use to students of medicine, teachers, physicians and all others concerned with public health.


Adds, John.

Molecules and cells [Текст] : includes updated content and exam guestions / John Adds, Erica Larkcom, Ruth Miller. - Revesed ed. - London : [s. n.], 2003. - 106 p. : il. - (Nelson Advaced Science : NAS / ed. Martin Furness-Smith). - Index: p. 103-106

Nelson Advanced Science: Biology is a series of stimulating, high-quality, books for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) GCE Biology and Human Biology. Written by Senior Examiners and those involved closely with the AS and A GCE specification and its assessment, the books will help you achieve real success during your studies.

There are four books in the series, each containing updated content, and new exam questions. Every book is written for the Edexcel specification, and has been endorsed by Edexcel. The series is also a valuable resource for anyone following equivalent Biology and Human Biology courses.

Molecules and Cells revised edition gives thorough coverage of Unit One of the Edexcel specification, offering:
- An accessible and clear layout - making the information easily understandable
- Definition boxes - providing clear descriptions of key biological terms
- Extension material - information outside of the Edexcel specification that can help extend your knowledge of the topic and deepen your understanding
- Background information - information about a related topic or a reminder of material studied at a different level.
- Regular review questions - to stimulate your thinking whilst topics are being studied
- Practical investigations - with discussion questions to encourage analysis and evaluation
- Practice assessment questions (with mark schemes) - to allow you to self- check during Unit Test preparation

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