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Dear teachers and students! The Department of foreign literature invites you to see the virtual exhibition named “KEEPING KIDS HEALTHY”.

It is well-known that children are the world’s most important resource. They are extremely sensitive, with vulnerable psyche and unique response to numerous factors and, thus, their needs require special attention.

Pediatrics is the only one discipline concerned with all aspects of children’s health and physical, mental, and psychologic growth and development. Pediatricians must be interested not only in organ systems and in biologic processes, but also in environmental and social influences, which have a major impact on the physical and mental health, social well-being of children and their families. Undoubtedly, advancing the well-being of children demands such qualities as sensibility, feeling of love and respect to the patient, high level of professional skills, and constant need for self-improvement.

This virtual exhibition was created with the purpose of presenting the foreign library books on pediatrics that, we hope, can help medical students and residents, as well as medical practitioners, to broaden mind and enrich their knowledge of treating diseases in children.

Have a pleasant viewing experience!


See the virtual exhibition here:

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