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“Top 10 Must-Read Books for Medical Students”

 2018-01-10   77

Dear students! The Department of foreign literature invites you to see the virtual exhibition named “Top 10 Must-Read Books for Medical Students”...

There is no doubt that medicine is an ever-changing science. New research and clinical experience result in revision in treatment and drug therapy. So medical students should broaden their knowledge and spend a lot of time reading. Actually, books have been a valuable source of information and inspiration for a career in medicine.

Medical students have to study a variety of subjects, which deal with one overarching aim – to understand health and to be able to help people.

The books we would like to present cover different aspects of medicine. They can be a useful tool for shaping your interest in becoming a doctor and provide insight into the practice of medicine.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of brilliant must-read books about medicine.

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